Why Would A Cat Want To Be Buddies With A Horse? Who Knows, But It's Adorable To Watch

There's something about inter-species friendships that kicks a cute, funny animal video up a notch on the adorableness meter. Recently, we showed you a cat and a doberman who formed an unlikley bond.

Now, watch this cat — or chat, as he'd be called by the people who filmed this video, evidently in France — make every attempt to become friends with a horse in its stable.

In case you're wondering, the constant head butts, which are technically called head "bunts" in cat-speak, are not the cat's attempt to annoy the horse. Just like when your cat lowers his or her head and plows into you, what the cat is trying to say is "let's be friends."

The cat accomplishes this with the head bunt in two ways. The lowered head indicates a submissive, non-threatening posture, which is the cat saying, "You've got nothing to worry about from me!"

At the same time, the cat uses the rubbing head against body-part to spread his own scent. In this video, the cat is marking the horse with his scent to say, "welcome to the team." That way, he knows that the horse is one of the good guys.

Equally amusing is the horse's reaction. The majestic animal doesn't know quite what to make of the little fur-ball who is so adamantly attempting to establish a rapport. But eventually, the horse tilts his own head the cat's way, as of to say, "okay, little guy, you got me."