Holocaust Photo Depicting Naked Jewish Children Censored By Facebook, Claims Christian Pastor

A holocaust photo depicting starving, naked Jewish children was censored by Facebook, according to Pastor Donald Luszczewski. While the pastor had intended to use the photo to draw attention to atrocities being committed in the Middle East by ISIS, Facebook claimed the photo was offensive and had his account blocked and the post removed.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, ISIS are beheading children in Iraq and using social media to put their massacres on display for the world. When a woman in Syria was stoned for adultery, it was revealed that the husband had charged her with not being a virgin even though she was a widow.

Pastor Luszczewski told The Inquisitr that he had intended to use the Holocaust photo to offer commentary on how the way the world was shocked by the aftermath of World War II is the same way we are currently shocked by the photos coming out of the Middle East. Earlier today, this is how he reported what Facebook had done in response:

“I wrote a post about Nazi Germany and ISIS and used a photo of Jewish children who were starved by the Nazis and I was blocked from my account and the post removed. A historical photo showing the abuse of a fascist regime and a post pointing out the current atrocities in Iraq. And the reason? Nudity is prohibited on Facebook. Really? All the sexual/sensual posts but you cannot post a historical photo of starving, naked Jewish children?”

You can see the exact photo he tried to use here:

For this infraction, the pastor cannot upload photos for seven days, but in the meantime he believes Facebook should not be censoring such a critical piece of history:

“I’ll bet I can find any number of pornographic pictures of scantly clad young American women if I wanted. Shame on you Facebook. You are a disgrace for keeping pictures that are historic in context and absolute atrocities from being displayed. What kind of hypocritical double standard do you abide by?”

Do you think Facebook censorship has gone too far in deleting a photo that depicts the real horrors of the Holocaust?

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