Did Lindsay Lohan Just Try to Steal a Baby?

Poor Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to catch a break with the press lately. On one hand, the antagonistic Perez Hilton is calling her smoking habit “out of control” and on another TMZ is reporting that Lindsay tried to abduct a child while vacationing in Greece as part of her European tour.

Although details of the event are scarce, it appears that Lohan simply picked up a child from a street vendor on a beach in Mykonos and began walking around with him. Of course, “abduct” seems like a strong word when used in the context of the hazy world that Lindsay lives in, but would you use any other word if it was anyone besides a famous actress?

Even though the incident might be nothing more than paparazzi fodder to the undiscerning eye, Franchise Herald also reports that Lohan was offering to give the child food and shelter much to the confusion of his parents.

Lindsay may be having baby fever because of her recent miscarriage, which — according to Lohan herself — occurred while she was filming her flop reality series Lindsay with Oprah earlier this year. While critics have been hesitant to believe Lindsay’s supposed miscarriage story, it would at least give a pop psychology explanation to what just happened in Greece.

Lohan’s documentary series — which was hyped as a comeback for the troubled actress — was not only a complete ratings failure, but it did nothing but further public opinions that Lindsay was an out-of-control mess. It began with Lohan leaving rehab and searching for an apartment in New York City, but as it wore on, the documentary crew grew more and more annoyed with her signature erratic behavior. Lindsay missed several meetings for shooting footage, often missed other appointments because she was sleeping in, and otherwise generally perpetuated the image that she has been trying to shake.

One of the most intimate parts of the series was when the crew became so frustrated with Lohan that they simply gave her a camera and allowed her to film what she wanted. What followed was a heart-wrenching scene where Lindsay simply stares blankly into the camera before breaking down into tears for several minutes.

Of course, how you see Lohan really depends on your own emotional connection to her work. Below you can watch the video of Lindsay’s miscarriage confession on her documentary series and decide for yourself if you think the star is “baby crazy” at the moment or not.