World Cat Day: Celebrate With Grumpy Cat And Lil Bub

Today was world cat day, and what better way to celebrate then by taking a look at two of the most loved cats on the internet: Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub are two of the most beloved cats on the internet at this time, and while Grumpy Cat has been around for a while, Lil Bub is quickly climbing up the ranks.

Grumpy Cat became famous for her ever present frown. It’s because of that frown that Grumpy Cat became a frequent face in the form of internet memes. She would pop up all over social media, spreading smiles to those pages she graced! Now that Grumpy Cat is a household name, she is making special appearances on TV, in books, and according to a previous report by The Inquisitr, she has even landed herself a starring role in an upcoming holiday movie.

Then we have Lil Bub, an adorable kitten that is known for her adorable little face. According to the Lil Bub website, Bub is a “very special, one of a kind critter.” She was found along with her littermates in rural Indiana and was in need of a loving family to take special care of her. Since she found her forever home, Lil Bub has become the subject of a book, made TV appearances and has helped raise over $100,000 for other animals in need.

Because these cats are such big internet hits, it was only time before the two were fated to meet. According to Mashable, the two famous cats finally met face to face last year at the Internet Cat Festival that was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While Grumpy Cat seemed a little uninterested in the meeting of the cats, Lil Bub looked a bit scared, but the Vine videos that came out of the encounter had fans raving.

So who was cuter? It can be hard to choose when they are both so adorable! While many refuse to pick sides when it comes to picking one cat over the other, there is still quite a rivalry when it comes to each cat’s fan bases. To celebrate world cats day, lets take a look at what the Twitter world has to say about the two:

Now, we aren’t going to make you chose one over the other, so here are a few memes of both adorable cats for you to end your world cats day with!

[Image via Twitter]