Alberto Del Rio Fired: WWE Launches Twitter Attack

Alberto Del Rio was fired from the WWE on Thursday for getting into a physical altercation, of which we’re still hearing details on. But one thing is for certain: the WWE Twitter account has plenty to say.

Presumably because of a Twitter backlash, the company’s main account addressed the situation in a two-part release on Friday:

Generally, companies do not comment on personnel matters, but apparently the McMahons felt the need to defend their position. After all, Alberto Del Rio is a former champion, and had a stronger following than his current push would indicate.

A masterful ring technician and a pretty solid heel, he was the quiet, unsung guy always in the hunt for the title, even near the end.

But by the time the incident that led to his firing occurred, it was pretty clear that WWE had no immediate plans to keep him in the main event picture.

As such, Alberto Del Rio getting fired, especially the way it happened, could be the best thing to happen for his career. More on why in a moment.

Here’s what we know about “the incident” so far, from a previous report by The Inquisitr:

While the information for Del Rio’s firing is still coming in, is able to report that Del Rio was fired for slapping a Social Media Manager the night of Monday Night Raw.

The lead up to the confrontation started in catering, when somebody (assuming a catering staff member) asked the person (the Social Media Manager) to clean off his plate. The social media manager then joked about how that’s “Del Rios Job”.

Alberto found out and confronted him. The Social Media Manager didn’t apologize and then smiled at him, so Del Rio slapped him.

Now how could this be good for the career of Alberto Del Rio? Like we said, his career at WWE was not getting much of a push. We could have easily seen Del Rio going the way of Fandango, which would be a shame since the guy is such a great talent.

Now he has an edge to him, and it doesn’t hurt that TNA and an expanding AAA are both interested in him.

If Alberto were to sign with either one, he would be an instant main eventer, and he would bring most of WWE’s Latino fan base along with him. That could command huge stroke with whatever organization he picks, and should relations with WWE improve, he would be in a position to come back to the company under better terms than what he was given prior to Thursday.

In other words, the WWE Universe would remember why Alberto Del Rio left, and that could be mined for top-of-the-card storylines a year or two down the road.

While we wouldn’t recommend slapping someone at your workplace as a means of improving career conditions, we think the future for Alberto Del Rio is pretty bright.