Niall Horan Teases Christmas-Flavored Rap Album

Niall Horan, please refrain from toying with our emotions.

Although most fans will settle for a batch of fresh and tasty One Direction songs, some of us wouldn’t mind stuffing Horan’s hip-hop stylings into our eager ears. What’s more, we’d love to hear Niall’s rap-oriented take on countless Christmas classics. Unfortunately, he’s just pulling the world’s collective leg. You Irish rascal.

According to Sugarscape, Niall Horan recently told everyone that he’s working on a Christmas rap record. While the comment was surely made in jest, some of us couldn’t help but wonder how such an endeavor might sound. Unfortunately, that’s the sort of stuff we think about when things slow down at The Inquisitr. Just don’t tell anyone.

Apparently Horan decided to spill the beans about his hypothetical album when someone felt the need to ask him about going solo. Since the One Direction fellas are getting more than a little tired of responding to such silly inquiries, he decided to have some fun.

When asked about his post-1D endeavors, Niall replied:

“I’m doing a rap Christmas album. Me and Drake… and Snoop Lion.”

While his answer to that question was admittedly snarky, Horan took a more level-headed approach when someone wanted to know about the agony of touring:

“The only thing that’s tiring me out is going to the gym. Touring is the best part and we get to see the world…I don’t think it gets old. We have a good laugh.”

While a Christmas rap album might sound a bit far-fetched and more than a little ridiculous, Niall Horan might be on to something. Several years ago, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for a rapper to drop a hip-hop song centered around the holiday season.

Run-D.M.C. weren’t above rapping about Christmas.

Snoop Dogg once felt more than a little festive.

Even the late Eazy-E was once overcome with the holiday spirit. Of course, his tune probably isn’t something you should play for your grandmother. Unless she was once down with N.W.A., of course. In short: It’s not safe for work.

Horan could possibly get Miley Cyrus in on the action should he decide to move forward with the project. The Inquisitr recently reported that Niall sported the pop star’s leggings after stumbling across a pair left behind at a venue in New Jersey. Instead of throwing them away, the singer decided to put them on, snap a photo, and upload it to Twitter.

Would you buy a copy of Niall Horan’s Christmas album?

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