Russell Brand VS Fox News: Accuses Bill O’Reilly Of Waging A War On Human Decency

It seems Russell Brand has declared war on Fox News. Brand has taken on Bill O’Reilly over his suggestion that the United States build a “border fence like they did in East Germany” along its southern border to stem illegal immigration. O’Reilly, a staunch supporter of strict border control, made the comment on a recent episode of his popular Fox News Network show, The O’Reilly Factor.

Brand slammed O’Reilly for his comment the newest episode of his web series, The Trews, entitled “Is This the Solution to Immigration?” saying that the Berlin Wall was “a symbol for all that was wrong with the world…a symbol of conflict, dishonor, and disdain.”

Brand showed a clip of O’Reilly saying to Karl Rove, “…nobody could get through that fence. It was a formidable obstacle. Israelis have done the same thing to keep out terrorism there. So, we haven’t done that on the southern border. That’s mistake number one.”

Russell then commented, “Bill, he’s really learning the wrong lessons from life. Bill fails to absorb the most obvious lessons of history. The Berlin wall was bad, what’s happening between Israel and Palestine is bad. These aren’t tidbits of knowledge that you should pick up and apply to America.”

Brand went on to say that the Fox News anchor’s views were part of his “war against human decency” and that O’Rielly was a “disgrace to your flag.”

Russell Brand is known for his outspoken views, including those of other celebrities, as well as politicians in the United States and the UK. This certainly isn’t Brand’s first attack on Fox News. Fox News anchors, including O’Reilly, Laura Ingram, and Hannity, have been the subject of several of The Trews episodes over the past few months. He has accused Fox and its anchors of bigotry, wanting people to be racist, and lying to America on his web show.

His most recent attack was against Sean Hannity, as reported in the Inquisitr. Brand’s harsh review of Hannity’s interview style sparked a war of words with the outspoken Fox anchor when Brand accused him of bullying and intimidating anti-Israel activist Yousef Munayyer during an interview.

Hannity responded on air by calling Russell Brand “dumb and ignorant” and “a D-list actor” who was best known for his failed marriage to Katy Perry. To which Brand responded with another video, telling Hannity, “Sean, you’re a human being. Come back to humanity. You’ve lost yourself mate.”

At this time, Bill O’Reilly has not responded to Brand’s criticisms.

Image courtesy of Huffington Post UK