100,000 Ordered To Evacuate Pennsylvania Area, New York Residents Also Evacuating As Flood Waters Rise

Officials in the Pennsylvania area along the Susquehanna River have ordered more than 100,000 people to evacuate their homes. The rivers waters have continued to rise following Tropical Storm Lee and the river is expected to crest at 41 feet by 8pm.

According to one county commissioner speaking with the Standard Speaker:

“We want people to heed our order and leave,” while they add, “It’s significant. We want them to leave.”

Pennsylvania residents aren’t the only one’s experiencing problems brought on my flooding, an evacuation notice was also issued for Eastern New York as the Hudson and Mohawk are expected to spill over.

As a safety precaution officials in Binghmaton, NY have closed all bridges in the area and ordered an urgent notice, telling residents “you need to move now.” The urgent evacuation notice came after the Army Corps of Engineers shut down two major dams, while the areas sewage plant was taken offline due to flooding.

Residents in areas where flooding is likely are being asked to conserve fresh water in the event that filtration plants are also shut down for flooding.

According to WGAL 8 the circumstances surrounding the flooding are dangerous and have already led to the deaths of at least three people in Pennsylvania.

Officials warn that no area is safe, indoors or out. One man bailing water from his houses basement died when his homes walls collapsed, while a female drowned in her car and another person died when they were hit by a mini-van while warning people about the flood.

Are you experiencing flooding in your part of Pennsylvania or New York? Keep us updated in the comments section.