Mothers And Daughters Strike A Pose, The Results Are Adorable

Mothers and daughters can have a lot of fun — when they’re not arguing about chores not being done or getting grounded for not behaving. When little girls are young, they want to copy their mommy, dress-up like her, act like her, and in general be just like her.

These adorable photos, shared on multiple sites, give you an idea of how to have fun with your precious little daughter — if you are lucky enough to have one. From working out together to just dressing as twins, there are many ways in which mothers and daughters can have a good time, starting when the kids are very young.

Even though both parents are equally important in a girl’s life, there is a special bond between mothers and their daughters, and it’s up to the moms to embrace the fun aspect of having a mini-me. Some like to be more traditional, while others get a little bit crazier (to each their own). However, these adorable photos are proof that, no matter what the age of mothers and daughters, there is no time like the present.

One of the most popular things mothers like to do with their daughters — and vice versa — is work out. Little girls love to copy their moms while they do yoga or stretching and it’s good for them. Sometimes it can start a life-long practice.

Mom and daughter stretching. Image via Hilaria Baldwin

Mom and daughter stretching. Image via Laura Skyora

Mom and daughter workout. Image via Laura Skyora

Mom and daughter yoga. Image via Unknown

If that isn’t cute enough, we have some more mother and daughter adorable photos. When mommy is pregnant, a lot of questions ensue, and sometimes little ones like to pretend they look just like mom. It helps that at a young age most of the baby fat is still around their belly area.

Mother and daughter baby. Image via Steph Anderson

Mother and daughter belly. Image via Unkown

Image via Unkown Image via Rebeka Photography

Finally, mothers and daughters can be silly together. Whether it’s taking a “selfie” or simply posing with matching funny faces, these photos are sure to make you “ooohh and aaahh”.

Mother and daughter fun.
Image via Nathan Hirsch

Mother and daughter selfie. Image via Unknown

Mother and daughter fun. Image via Michelle Quance

Mother and daughter goofy Image via Ashley Lyons Sowa

Mother and daughter pose Image via karlitchaa

Mother and daughter sassy. Image via Nati Castellanos Saavedra

Image via Unkown Image via Unkown

Mothers and daughters don’t always have to have a confrontational relationship, there is plenty of room for being silly and having fun, no matter what they’re doing. What do you think of these adorable mother and daughter photos?

[Image via Bored Panda]