Watch: After Small Dog Is Carried Off By A Coyote, Neighbor’s Rottweiler Saves The Day [Video]

A video surveillance system catches a tiny dog being rescued by a neighbor’s Rottweiler after being attacked by a coyote. The video was uploaded back in 2010, but has had a recent surge in viewing after being shared on a number of social media platforms. The video has now been viewed 1.4 million times.

In the video, you can see the small dog laying in the yard. All of a sudden the tiny dog named Trixxie, a chiweenie, jumps up and begins to run back towards the house. A coyote can then be seen attacking the small dog. The coyote proceeds to drag the dog off towards the wooded area. However, according to the video description, the tiny dog was on a leash. Therefore, the coyote was only able to pull him to the edge of the yard. At this point, the coyote begins mauling the dog.

Fortunately for Trixxie, the neighbors Rottweiler, Happy, jumps into action. The Rottweiler attacks the coyote and chases it off of the property. According to the owner of Trixxie, the one who uploaded the video, coyotes were not common in the area.

“1. prior to this event no coyote sightings in this area
2. Dog was left outside by spouse while restroom was being used less than 5mins
3. This was 7am in morning ( not a normal time for a coyote / wild animal attack)
4. This is middle of city with no prior history”

Rottweilers aren’t the only dogs who have protected their loved ones from coyotes. A loyal Golden Retriever protected a skier’s body from coyotes.

What do you think should be done for the hero Rottweiler for saving the tiny dog from the coyote?