Kama The Surfing Pig: GoPro Camera Captures Surfing Swine

Kama The Surfing Pig is the latest amazing video captured by the epic technology of the GoPro camera.

It’s an old joke that pigs can’t fly, but who knew pigs could surf? Most probably think they can’t even swim (but apparently they can).

Regardless, Kama, a pig predictably from Hawaii, walks the nose, adjusts his feet, er, hooves, and appears very comfortable on the board and riding the wild surf. The phenom surfing pig is the latest animal to take the YouTube world by storm and is gaining lots of attention from various outlets including Time.

Kama, pig, surf, animals surfing, GoPro
Kama the Surfing pig has a great view of Oahu from the waves, as does the GoPro camera capturing the spectacle.

Kama’s love for the beach is also evident, judging by the sand on his snout.

“(Kama) came into our life at maybe less than a week old. He was the cutest thing ever,” says the pig’s owner, Kai Holt. “He fell in the pool one day and started swimming.”

Once Kai realized Kama could swim, he felt “guaranteed” Kama could surf:

“He followed me into the water, jumped on the board, paddled out, and got his first wave at Baby Makapuu. Everybody was tripping!”

Though not the first animal to surf, Kama seems to be the first pig. Dogs have been surfing for years, generally pushed or paddled into the waves by their owners.

Such is the case for Kama, Kai Holt providing entry into the waves. Holt, also armed with a paddle to help him steer or sit and paddle, uses his arms to paddle the two of them into the waves, then the two are off, showcasing their rides in the great Hawaiian tradition of tandem surfing.

“It’s pretty funny to watch,” says Kai of Kama’s surfing. “If we start pearling (nose of the board going under leading to a certain wipeout) he’ll back up, let the nose up out of the water and we start leveling off again he’ll go straight back to the nose.”

Pig surfs Hawaii Kama
Kama the Surfing Pig exhibits excellent style, planting his hoof squarely on the center of the nose of the board.

Among the first questions a surfer might have is how could a pig’s hooves find any purchase on a surfboard? Even a foam one or with surf wax? Kai answers:

“His hooves just lock right in on the board,” explains Kai. “Like, if you look at his board, you’ll see all the hoof prints on the nose.”

“GoPro: Kama The Surfing Pig”, posted only a day ago, as of this writing, already has 276,215 views, with 4,510 “Thumbs Ups”. The 73 “Thumbs Down” votes are presumably from those who are jealous because Kama surfs better than they do.

So, without further adieu, Kama The Surfing Pig:

Images and video via Youtube