Brooklyn Jogger Finds Apparent Skeleton Decked Out In Nets Gear

A bizarre and unexpected skeleton “display” found by a local resident in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park has prompted police to investigate the origin of the strange finding (clad in a Brooklyn Nets jersey) and whether the woman indeed discovered previously unearthed human remains.

The potentially grim discovery was made by a jogger, Kate Steciw, who seems to believe the Brooklyn Nets attired skeleton is genuinely a human corpse. reports that the possible human remains were not hidden out of sight — in a situation such as a quiet death by misadventure or even homicide — but instead, arranged bizarrely:

“The jogger… found what appeared to be a human skeleton wearing a Brooklyn Nets hat, a T-shirt, goggles and sweatpants standing up on display behind a wrought iron fence near a path in the southeastern portion of the park, near Ocean Avenue… Filling out the tableau were four paintings of flowers arranged in the foreground and an American flag hanging from the trees behind.”

Initially, Steciw did what most might in such a situation — she stopped to take a picture of the creepy display.

But then, she explains, her uneasiness grew… and she began to consider that the Brooklyn Nets-clad skeleton might actually be a real corpse.

Increasingly worried, the jogger contacted police, and she says:

“I took a picture of it and then I got a queasy feeling, because it looked so, so real.”

Reporting the discovery was, according to the woman, challenging to articulate. Steciw adds:

“I took a picture of it and then I got a queasy feeling, because it looked so, so real.”

Unsettlingly, police were not initially able to dismiss the Prospect Park skeleton as a hoax or other non-criminal incident. The site adds that while New York Police cannot specifically speak to the finding, they initially state that they do not believe any criminality is involved:

“Police say they’re investigating and will conduct tests to see if the unusual installation included a human skeleton. It doesn’t appear that the display is part of any sort of crime, however.”

Journalist Lauren Wolfe, who was on the scene as police investigated, initially reported:

However, she adds that initial opinions from locals indicated that the skeleton was indeed an art installation and not likely criminal:

Police have not yet announced conclusive determinations regarding the skeleton in Brooklyn Nets fan gear found in the park.

[Image: NBC]