‘Batman V Superman’ Filming Continues In Detroit, Is That Thomas Wayne?

A day after the Earth moving announcement that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has moved its release date to March 25, 2015, filming continues in the streets of Detroit. Day four has already yielded several photos, which are being posted by those lucky enough to catch a glimpse at Zack Snyder and Co. doing their thing.

So far we have seen some pretty interesting set photos and even a sharp video, posted by an alert Twitter user on Wednesday. The clips show, what seems to be Ben Affleck in his Bruce Wayne persona (though it is apparent body doubles are also being used in this particular scene), rescuing a young girl trapped in the rubble of what we think is his Wayne Enterprises building.

From the way those mangled pieces looked on the set photos from the Batman v Superman filming, we can conclude that some kind of battle takes place, against Batman. But the Caped Crusader is not the only one counting his losses in Gotham City, as we also came across a destroyed Metropolis city bus, police car, and ambulance, indicating that Superman also suffers at someone’s hands.

Some are speculating that the scenes have to do with one of the expected battles between our two superheroes and since we don’t have the particulars when it comes to the script, we can only deduct from the images published so far. Take a look.

Batman v Superman filming in Detroit, day four
Batman v Superman filming in Detroit, day four (Image via Twitter)

One of the most interesting photos of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice filming in Detroit shows some crew members moving paintings. A particular piece is rumored to be that of Thomas Wayne — Bruce Wayne/Batman’s father — who looks a lot like comedian Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The resemblance is uncanny on this side by side photo published by JoBlo.

Batman v Superman possible Thomas Wayne?

Of course, there is no way of knowing if Thomas Wayne is actually in Batman v Superman, but if you remember, Morgan starred in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen and it wouldn’t be completely crazy to think he could either has a cameo or posed for the portrait to get people talking. It is also possible, the character appears in Justice League in the flesh or as a flashback.

We continue to monitor Twitter, as many users are reporting to be close to the action of Batman v Superman filming in downtown Detroit. More to come as it becomes available. In the meantime, take a look at this short video posted by Sean Fulcher, showing the much talked about car chase.

[Image via Twitter]