Pet Animals Can Have Their Own Pets/Friends? Sure They Can!

Pets are indeed great companions. Unlike people, they are utmost loyal and faithful and do not require a special invitation to come visit you. Domesticated animals make great friends as they know when you are sad and will gladly play with you and just be happy to be near you. But what happens when these animals feel the need for a pet? Do they have the luxury or the privilege to own a pet or a dear friend from the animal kingdom? These beautiful images show unlikely friendships between animals who have found joy in the company of beasts who are not from their own species.

A macaque and a dove:

After the macaque had strayed away from his mother it was found and taken in by the staff of an animal protection center. There he befriended a white dove. For two whole months this unlikely friends ate and slept together, before they were released into the wild.

A macaque became friends with a white dove

Image Credit | Photoshot/CNImaging

A hippo and a tortoise:

This friendship was a clear case of mistaken identity. According to National Geographic, the young hippo initially mistook the tortoise as another hippo, but they ended up being the best of companions.

Are you a hippo? The baby hippo mistook the tortoise as one from his species

Image Credit | Peter Greste/Getty Images

An orangutan and a tiger cub:

At the Taman Safari Zoo, tiger cubs and orangutans have become inseparable playmates. As youngsters of both the species are very playful & mischievous, this friendship must be giving the zoo officials many sleepless nights & hectic days.

Foes or friends? The tiger cub and the baby orangutan are best friends

Image Credit | Achmad Ibrahim/AP

A triple treat – Pit bull, a chick, and bunnies:

Owner of Boon, a very docile & amicable Pit Bull, Summer Anne Burton loves to photograph him playing with his best buddies, a chick and bunch of bunnies

This playful Pit Bull is quite comfortable with not just a chick, but bunnies as well

Image Credit | Summer Anne Burton

A boxer and a baby goat:

Lilly the goat was the weak runt of the litter. When Billy the boxer saw the goat, his paternal instincts kicked into overdrive since then he has taken the barn animal under his wing/paw.

A boxer became a doggy dad after a goat had three kids and abandoned the runt of the litter

Image Credit | Richard Austin

A potbellied pig and a Rhodesian Ridgeback:

When this tiny piglet was separated from her family, this Rhodesian Ridgeback instinctively stepped in and took care of her.

This female Rhodesian Ridgeback was quick to step-in as a caring and protective mom to the potbellied piglet

Image Credit | Fame / Workman publishing

A cat and a squirrel:

This baby squirrel was malnourished and abandoned. Rebecca Hill took in the poor critter & slyly inserted him into the family’s litter of nursing kittens. Within days, the cat, named Sugar, adopted the furry rodent as her own.

The baby squirrel, named chestnut has been adopted by the cat who was nursing her own litter

Image Credit | Nils Jorgensen / Rex Features / Alamy

A tiger and piglets:

Local folklore has it that the tigress herself was raised by a farm pig, so she simply paid it forward by adopting a litter of little piggies.

A quick and juicy morsel or something to nurture?

Image Credit | Bam Brook

A rabbit and a deer:

The cute pair became best friends last June when Bambi the deer was found cowering at the side of a busy major road aged just one day old. Motorist Svetlana Harper, 35, spotted her shivering by the roadside, brought her home and nursed her back to health. Bambi quickly became best friends with the house-pet, a rabbit named Thumper.

Cuteness Overload? Thumper the rabbit and the deer fowl are inseparable companions

Image Credit | Caters News Agency

These images prove that animals too need friends. It’s not necessary that they bond with someone from their own species, perhaps because circumstances won’t permit. But whenever these unlikely alliances happen, the results are very cute and endearing.

Main Image Credit | Duluth Animal Hospital (Penny the chicken and Roo the Chihuahua, were both rescued by the hospital and have become close friends)