Virginia, A Pig That Grew Up With Dogs Doesn’t Know She’s A Pig

A set of images posted on to image sharing site Imgur has gone viral, showing a little pig named Virginia trying hard to be a dog. The original poster shared the images on to Reddit; in the post, the original poster writes, “”My pig is having an identity crisis”

One look at the pictures and you cannot help but agree.

Virginia is just 10-months-old and is in the constant company of two boxers. The Juliana Pig from Colorado has been raised along with two dogs which might have led to her in to this weird identity crisis.

This is what the owner told Yahoo News when asked about Virginia’s identity crisis.

“I don’t think Virginia realizes that she isn’t a dog. We got her when she was three months old so she grew up around them. I think the dogs realize that Virginia is not a dog. They are a lot gentler with her when they play than they are with each other.”

All said, there are a few traits of Virginia that makes her slightly different from her cousins. She tends to be surprisingly more smart than her dog brothers. Reason? She managed to figure out how to use the doggie door at their home way before any of the dogs did. And unlike the boxer twins, Virginia is already quite adept at using the litter box. Quite a smart pig, eh?

Some of her dog like traits include her ability to bark. Nah. She isn’t able to do that but she does try- albeit what comes out is more of a squeal and much less a bark. Like dogs, she likes to be petted and loves belly rubs. Virginia is also quite happy to roll in sand – although she likes to stay away from mud.

Just look at those images. You won’t even realize she is not a dog! Looks like weird animal friendships have become commonplace nowadays.

[Images via Imgur]

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