Lindsay Lohan: Troubled Actress Has Allegedly ‘Abandoned’ Her Sober Pals

Lindsay Lohan may have completed her court-ordered stint in rehab, but that doesn’t mean she’s completely dedicated to living a sober life.

As soon as the Mean Girls star declared that she was ready and willing to leave her addictions in the rear-view mirror, many people started counting the days until Lohan fell off the proverbial wagon. Although some might say that Lindsay hasn’t done herself any favors, this writer can’t help but feel that a lot of folks want to see her fail.

Fortunately for those who put all their money on Lindsay Lohan returning to her old ways, Radar Online is reporting that the troubled actress has allegedly abandoned her sober support system. Instead of staying in touch with the people who might help her steer clear of temptation, she’s reportedly avoided them altogether.

An anonymous source told the website:

“Lindsay has abandoned her friends and her sober community. She has stopped responding to our texts and calls and is basically ignoring everyone now. She’s getting the texts because they show up as read; she’s just not answering. Some of these people have been friends with her for more than a decade. There is nothing anyone can do, until she answers.”

The insider believes that Lindsay Lohan’s recent jaunt across the pond to London has effectively “put her sobriety in jeopardy.” The Freaky Friday star recently signed on for a role in a stage production of the David Mamet play Speed-the-Plow.

Perez Hilton reports that Lohan spent some time hanging out on the island of Ibiza, a locale that has become a celebrity-soaked hotspot in recent months. Although the website claims Lindsay spent some time “partying” during her stay, no one managed to snap a photo of the actress with drink or drugs in-hand. We’re sure they tried.

Although Linday Lohan may or may not have fallen back on old habits, it would appear that some people in Hollywood still want to cast the 28-year-old in projects. The Inquisitr previously reported that there’s a possibility Lohan could sign on for Life-Size 2, a follow up to the popular 2000 made-for-TV Disney flick.

Co-star Tyra Banks explained:

“This time I’m executive producing it and we’re in the process of writing it. Right now, we haven’t spoken to Lindsay. But you never know! She’d be like, ‘Hey Eve doll, you used to be my Barbie and I’m over you!’ She’s a woman now!”

Do you think Lindsay Lohan has fallen off the wagon? Do you think folks should give the troubled actress the benefit of the doubt?

[Lead image via George Pimentel / Getty Images]