Genene Jones: Parole Hearing Scheduled For ‘Angel Of Death’

Genene Jones is scheduled for a parole hearing on Wednesday afternoon. Although she was arrested and charged in the death of one baby, the former pediatric nurse is suspected of killing up to 46 infants and children between 1971 and 1982. Dubbed the “Angel of Death,” Jones was originally sentenced to 159 years in prison.

Jones is accused of injecting her young patients with digoxin, heparin, and succinylcholine. Although the medications have serious side-effects, Jones reportedly intended to revive the children — and receive praise for her efforts.

Authorities believe Jones’ first victims were patients at the Bexar County Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. As reported by Murderpedia, hospital officials were concerned, as “a statistically inordinate number of children Jones worked with were dying.”

Although Genene Jones was suspected of harming numerous children, the incidents were not reported to authorities. Instead, Jones was asked to resign.

Following her resignation, Jones went to work at a pediatric medical clinic in Kerrville. Her colleagues became suspicious, as several bottles of medication were tampered with. When questioned, Jones claimed “she was trying to justify the need for a pediatric intensive care unit.”

The “Angel of Death” was eventually arrested and charged in the death of a 15-month old girl. She was later charged in the attempted murder of another child. She was convicted of all charges and effectively sentenced to life in prison.

Although Genene Jones’ parole hearing will take place this afternoon, she will likely spend another three years in prison. Despite her initial sentence, Jones is scheduled for release under a program meant to reduce overcrowding.

As reported by USA Today, the mandatory release program has since been revised. However, Jones was “grandfathered” in. Essentially, the program outlines a formula for early release:

“… even the most violent and dangerous criminals were credited with three days in prison for every day of good behavior behind bars.”

As she has managed to stay out of trouble, Jones’ mandatory release will begin in 2017. The former pediatric nurse will be 67 years old.

Jones’ heinous crimes were the subject of numerous books and movies, including Stephen King’s Misery. Although the murders inspired at least one box office hit, the victims’ families are not amused.

In Texas there is no statute of limitation on murder. Therefore, Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed has launched a campaign to charge Jones on additional counts.

As Genene Jones prepares for her parole hearing, officials are seeking any new information about children who may have died under her care.

[Images via My San Antonio]