Man Charged With Attempted Murder For Hot Grits Attack

A Florida man is charged with attempted murder after throwing a hot southern comfort food on his neighbor in a full on hot grits attack. Florida officials told 11Alive News, 60-year-old Edward Holley got into a fight with 29-year-old Darryl Blacknell on Tuesday, and when Blacknell returned on Wednesday Holley got angry and proceeded to attack him with the hot grits.

During the Tuesday night argument, Holley had told Blacknell to stay away from his home or he would “throw grease on him.” That is almost exactly what happened when Blacknell returned the next day to play cards with Holley’s cousin. According to ABC News, Holley walked out of his home on Wednesday and saw Blacknell sitting on his porch playing cards. He proceeded to go into his kitchen, heat up some grits, take them to the porch, and toss them on Blacknell. He reportedly yelled, “I’ve got something for you!” before tossing the grits.

The scolding grits gave Blacknell second and third degree burns which will require hospitalization for an extended amount of time for recovery. Significant portions of Blacknell’s body were burned in the grits attack.

The attempted murder charge stems from not only the extent of the injuries, but also a statement made by Blacknell at the time of arrest. The police reports notes that Holley made the following statement during arrest:

If you are going to arrest me, then just arrest me now, ’cause next time I am going to kill him.

Holley was taken to the Orange County Jail on a $50,000 bond, but claims that Blacknell deserved what he got because he was constantly “following” him around.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time hot grits have been used as a weapon. Last year, a 42-year-old New Orleans, Louisiana man attacked his wife by pouring boiling grits over her and then beating her with the pot. When grits are spilled on the skin they have a slightly sticky consistency. This makes the burn even worse as the victim cannot get the grits off fast. According to a previous Inquisitr story:

Grits seriously can cause some really, really bad burns — they stick to you and burn you up very quickly.

Hot grits attacks may be the least of your concerns, but next time you see a neighbor cooking up some grits, consider staying a throwing distance away.

What do you think? Do the statements made by Holley after the hot grits attack make this attempted murder or was it simply assault and battery?