Florida Shark Attack 2014: Multiple Children Bitten In Brevard County, Third Grader Has Tendon Severed

Florida’s shark attack news in 2014 continues to reaffirm the Sunshine state’s reputation for having the largest number of shark attack in the United States. Several children in Brevard were the victims of shark bites, with one third grader suffering a wound so bad that his Achilles tendon was severed.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a shark attack in California was allegedly related to the fishing of great white sharks in the area. Because of this incident, the fishing from piers in the area was banned for a short time although PETA is currently leading a campaign to have the ban become permanent.

Melissa Sanhueza and her nine-year-old son Christian were swimming at a near Patrick Air Force Base when they spotted a gray fin pop out of the water like something in a horror movie. Melissa’s son was boogie boarding just a few feet away when suddenly he was dragged underneath the water only to pop back up moment later screaming, “Mommy! A shark bit my foot!”

Fortunately, the shark attack did not involve a great white shark or anything fearsome like that. Although they don’t know the type, it was estimated to be only three feet long. The boy still suffered major damage to his leg and he’s undergone two surgeries at Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida. Christian will be discharged this Friday but his shark bite still requires multiple surgeries.

According to USA Today, Mrs. Sanhueza says Christian is doing well despite the extent of his injuries:

“He’s an amazing kid. Considering what just happened to him, he was very calm and brave. And I’m proud of him.”

Of course, Christian is not exactly a fan of sharks now despite having recently completed a school project on the prehistoric megashark called the megolodon. While the boy was working on a coloring book, he vowed, “If I would see a shark, I would throw it in the trash.”

Florida Sharks Paradise Beach

Another young boy who suffered from a shark attack at Paradise Beach in the same time may share the same opinion now. Multiple sharks were spotted in the water lifeguards evacuated the waters. But an unnamed boy suffered an injury to his heel that his parents suspect was a shark bite. The extent of the injuries was not reported although the boy was taken to a local hospital.

Elias Hensel, a local surfer, believes the number of shark sightings at this time of year is normal for Florida:

“I saw a couple of spinners jump off about 100 yards out, nothing crazy. Just a couple of sharks. It’s kind of natural for Florida, especially with everything that’s going on right now, because there’s a lot of bait. And it’s kind of alive out there, the ocean has been real alive, but I saw a little bull shark too.”

The number of Florida shark attacks in 2014 has already reached 13 so far, with four of the incidents taking place in Brevard County according to TrackingSharks.com. To put this number in perspective, the International Shark Attack File says the number of shark attacks in Florida in 2013 was 23 and Brevard County recorded just three of them. But the entire state suffered from 49 percent of all the shark attacks reported in the United States in 2013.