Whoa! Fearless Cat Channels Chuck Norris, Shows Hungry Alligator Who’s Boss In Crazy Video

If you ever had any doubt that your lovable little cat was a miniature lion at heart, this video will get rid of any such doubts. This nail-biting clip is one of the most insane cat videos we’ve ever seen on the internet. And trust us when we tell you, we’ve seen our share of cat videos.

We all know how crazy cats can be, but we like it when they’re crazy in cute, funny ways. This cat is crazy in, well, a really crazy way. We don’t have information on where or when this video was shot, but it’s somewhere that shouldn’t allow cats, we know that much.

But what we really want to know is, who are the idiots who let their cat get close enough to an alligator to swat its nose — and just stood there and filmed it? Get your cat out of there, you pinheads!

Because as cool and, frankly, badass as this cat is, the fact remains that the alligator could gobble the little kitty up in one bite, and would need about one-tenth of a second to do it. No one could stop it.

But perhaps this alligator has already dined. It appears to have a pile of food at the ready — raw chicken, perhaps? Maybe that’s why it doesn’t make a quick meal of the cat. But even the possibility that this gator is already well fed doesn’t make this cat any less of a feline Chuck Norris.

Watch until the end, when the alligator thinks about crawling out of the water to do who knows what — and the cat with pure ice water in its veins stands its ground.

Unbelievable. We couldn’t bear to watch this video at first. Then we watched it again.