Honda Announces Recall For 962,000 Vehicles, Will Fix Power And Computer Systems

Honda Motor Co. has called for the immediate recall of 962,000 vehicles around the world, the recall is meant to fix power windows and computer systems.

Among the company’s vehicles being recalled are the Fit subcompact, CR-V crossover, and Fit Aria. The recall spans North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Drivers in some regions will know the “Fit” by the name “Jazz” while the Fit Aria is also referred as the Honda “City” in some areas.

The news of another Honda recall comes after 1.5 million cars were recalled in August, with a smaller recall following shortly afterwards.

Honda says the recall is required because the driver’s-side power window switch units can potentially melt and even catch fire.

The company is also recalling 26,000 CR-Z compact hybrids worldwide to fix programming problems with the systems engine control unit.

No injuries have been reported at this time and drivers are urged to contact their local Honda deal to have the issue fixed at no charge.