June 16, 2013
Iran Brings First Nuclear Power Plant Online, Will Eventually Pump Out 1,000 Megawatts

Iran's state radio revealed on Sunday that the countries leaders have officially brought online the countries first ever nuclear power plant, connecting it to the national power grid for a test run.

Quoting Mohammad Ahmadian, Iran's deputy nuclear chief the radio report says the plant which went online around midnight has been pumping out 60 megawatts of electricity. When fully activated the Russian-built plant is expected to produce 2.5% of the nation's electricity with 1000 megawatts of capacity at full run.

A ceremony is expected to be held on Monday and the plant should be able to reach full capacity in the next several months.

The nuclear power plant was expected to power up for years however the project was met with various production delays and outcry from the international community who believed the country was attempting to create nuclear weapons and not nuclear power, a sentiment still shared by many nations who have an eye on Iran's terrorist movements.

Do you think Iran is still building nuclear weapons? A nuclear power plant sure seems like a good cover for those actions.