Modern Warfare 3 brings about new Killstreak system

If you caught the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer reveal trailer from earlier, you may have noticed that "Strike Packages" appear to have taken the place of Killstreak packages - and replace they have. Killstreak packages as you knew them are more or less gone.

Instead of just picking your Killstreak loadout, you'll pick between one of three Strike Packages, each with their own bonuses. The most familiar one of the three is Assault, and it's more or less Call of Duty as you know it. You've got your UAVs, your Predator missiles, attack helicopters, AC-130s and so on.

Where things start to get different is with the second option, Support. Instead of racking up bonuses through kills alone, support allows you to get bonuses based on your contribution to the team, and the rewards are, as the name suggests, designed around supporting your team. Unlike the Assault package, your 'score' doesn't disappear on death.

The third option, Specialist, is also a decidedly different approach to Killstreaks. Rather than getting bonuses like UAVs, missiles and helicopters, Specialists will rack up additional 'Pro' perks as they get kills. Provided you get enough kills in a row, you could be looking at around four active 'Pro' perks at any given time.

This change will likely shake up the Call of Duty community a bit, but personally, I'm thrilled to see change of that extent to the multiplayer system. I still enjoyed it as it was, granted, but I can appreciate it when a developer shows willingness to step out of their comfort zone.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches on November 8 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Sources: Destructoid, Joystiq