‘Big Brother 2014’ Spoilers: A Week 5 Eviction Plan Is In Place

Things have gotten a bit crazy in the Big Brother 2014 house during week 5. Frankie Grande is Head of Household, and he has a plan regarding which houseguest he wants to see evicted. Fans are anxious for Big Brother spoilers ahead of Wednesday and Thursday’s show, and there are plenty to sort through. Who is being targeted for eviction this week?

Big Brother Network has been detailing all of the BB16 spoilers from the live feeds. Hayden won the Power of Veto, and as anticipated he took Victoria off the block. Frankie then nominated Amber Borzotra in her place. Amber was upset, and she suspected there was some kind of scheme at play here. Though houseguests are denying it, that is exactly the case. Those in power convinced Caleb it was a good idea to nominate Amber, and he agreed. However, he has been quite manipulated by everybody and it has gotten interesting as well as pretty creepy.

Caleb figured that putting Amber on the block would help “put her in her place,” essentially, and he thought she would go running to him for protection and help. Though Amber has tried to make it clear to Caleb she is not interested in a romance with him, he has had a tough time accepting it. He has stood over her as she sleeps, thrown a pillow at her head and various other things that are making many fans uncomfortable.

As the week has continued, Caleb has campaigned to get Amber to stay and at one point he thought he had the votes. What he didn’t realize is that the rest of the house has been quite united in their plan to evict Amber; they just are keeping Caleb in the dark. Tuesday night, Frankie took things one step further. He told Caleb that Amber has been saying that she thinks Caleb is ruining her game and she plans to target him if she stays.

That is not at all how things have transpired, but Caleb believed Frankie. He stormed out of the room, wandered around and pouted for a bit. He even contemplated pulling a “prank” where he would throw cold water and baby powder on Amber as she slept. He also talked about a plan where he would interrupt Julie Chen during Thursday’s live show to make a “statement” about Amber.

Now Caleb knows Amber is the target for eviction and he’s game for it, though for all the wrong reasons. It may be a unanimous vote on Thursday night, though things could certainly change between now and then. While Frankie Grande is definitely running the game this week, anxious viewers might have a wee bit of hope that things will be shaken up soon.

Buddy TV shares the Big Brother spoilers that Cody, Nicole and Hayden have been doing some talking. They realize that Frankie is a big threat, and they think there are trust issues regarding Christine. They also see Zach as a problem, but they think he makes a good target. They want to work together to shift the power in the house, and they want Derrick to join them. However, Derrick is not necessarily ready to join them yet.

Which alliances will stick and which will unravel? It’s been a bit tough to tell what’s what with these houseguests this season, and things may well shift once the HOH competition is played Thursday night. Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the game play continues. Big Brother 2014 airs on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights.

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