Kate Middleton Pregnant: New Evidence May Contradict Miscarriage Story

Kate Middleton may have been pregnant after all; new reports are indicating after rumors circulated that the Duchess of Cambridge had suffered a miscarriage.

Kate has been the subject of pregnancy rumors dating back months, but this month the first solid report of a second pregnancy emerged. Middleton’s childhood friend Jessica Hay, who correctly announced Kate’s first pregnancy, claimed in an interview that the Duchess was already carrying Baby No. 2.

But those rumors appeared to be squashed and Kate’s pregnancy reportedly ended in tragedy.

The GLOBE magazine’s August 4 issue claimed that Kate Middleton suffered a miscarriage not long after Jessica Hay’s announcement.

“Ever since the miscarriage, Middleton and Prince William have been a source of support for each other, especially since they had to put on a brave face in public for Prince George’s first birthday,” the magazine claimed, adding that Kate and Prince William still planned on adding another child to their family.

But now new reports indicate that Kate Middleton could still be pregnant after all. After the Duchess of Cambridge joined her husband for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, many believed she looked visibly pregnant.

Celeb Dirty Laundry noted

“It was extremely obvious that there was something different about Kate’s face. She’s been looking more bloated in recent public appearances, but nothing compared to his. Her face looks completely different, fuller and rounder than it ever used to look – even during Prince George’s pregnancy. However, she rarely stepped out during the later months of George’s pregnancy, so for all we know, this is how she looked then.”

If Kate Middleton is pregnant again, the royal family is keeping very quiet about it. There has been no official statement from Kensington Palace, and even when the royal palace responded to Jessica Hay’s report it did not actually deny that Kate was pregnant, only pointed out that she and Jessica aren’t really friends.