Kate Middleton Miscarriage: Duchess Allegedly Lost Baby Before Reports Went Viral

Kate Middleton allegedly had a miscarriage just a few days before reports of her pregnancy went viral.

The internet has been awash over the last few weeks with stories that insist Middleton is expecting a daughter. As reported by The Inquisitr recently too, it has even been speculated that the Duchess Of Cambridge will name her new-born child Diana, after Prince William’s deceased mother.

According to GLOBE magazine’s August 4 edition though, Kate’s miscarriage occurred just after Jessica Hay, her childhood friend, told the public of her pregnancy.

“Ever since the miscarriage, Middleton and Prince William have been a source of support for each other, especially since they had to put on a brave face in public for Prince George’s first birthday,” the magazine alleges.

The publication goes on to insist that Kate and William won’t let this tragedy hamper their plans for the future though. Middleton and her husband have long told friends and family that they want to have three other siblings for Prince George, who was born last July and is currently the third in line to the English throne. They want to have the other children over the space of the next five years.

There still continues to be contrasting reports over whether or not Middleton is or has actually been pregnant recently though. Life & Style Magazine have written that Kate is still pregnant with her baby girl, and planes to name her after the beloved Princess who died tragically in a Parisian tunnel in 1997. They then added that the duo are “eager to have a daughter” and are currently preparing a nursery and clothes for their offspring.

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair have noted that, according to friends of the couple, Kate and William are currently trying to conceive a child. Other reports have declared that Kate is actually pregnant with twins, while some have suggested that she has been expecting for two months with a baby boy.

A spokesman for the Royal Family have already denied Jessica Hay’s claims, adding that Kate isn’t friends with her anymore.

Meanwhile The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently celebrated the first birthday of their son with a big royal gathering. However, according to a source for Celeb Dirty Laundry, Prince Charles and his second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, weren’t invited to the party at Kate’s request.

The insider claimed:

“We’ve been hearing whispers that Kate Middleton didn’t want Camilla to be there for such an intimate and special occasion, and while Charles was invited, he was forced to go on ‘vacation’ with Camilla so that she wouldn’t have to bear such a snub alone. Obviously, there had to be a big reason for Charles to miss his grandson’s first birthday, and here we have it. It wasn’t his choice, but rather Camilla’s influence, that forced him to visit Scotland during George’s party.”

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