‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Episode 1 Brings Scandal, Tears, Drama And Hookups

ABC’s new show Bachelor in Paradise begins next Monday, and fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette can’t wait to check it out. A lot of fan favorites are involved, as well as some of the franchise’s most controversial personalities. Folks want Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for the first episode airing on Monday, Aug. 4, and there are some great tidbits available.

According to the press release from ABC for the first episode, the premiere will start out with a big party as the cast gets acquanted and Chris Harrison explains how things will work. Bachelor in Paradisespoilers indicate that there will be date cards and dates each week, and contestants who do not receive roses at the end of the week will head home. ABC teases that as soon as that news is shared, “the anxiety amongst the women immediately intensifies as they begin to evaluate the eligible men.”

Lacy Faddoul will take Robert Graham for “a steamy dip in the ocean,” but she later is seen “canoodling with Marcus.” Interestingly, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that one of those two pairings leads to what may well be a long-term commitment come finale time.

As the date cards arrive, drama ensues. Clare Crawley gets a date card first, and her first pick leads to a meltdown from another contestant. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that it is AshLee Frazier who freaks out, and it is all over Graham Bunn. AshLee has set her sights on Graham, and apparently she will actually manage to snag him, at least for a while.

Clare will then turn to choose Robert, and Lacy ends up with a date with Robert as well. Which lady does he end up spending time with as the season continues? It seems that he sticks with Clare over Lacy, who ends up focused on Marcus anyhow. That isn’t the end of the drama in week 1 of BIP either.

Reality Steve’s spoilers also indicate that contestant Michelle Kujawa, from Jake Pavelka’s season and the first season of Bachelor Pad, gets herself into a sticky situation. Apparently she got caught with one of the show’s sound guys in her room. Oops. Reality Steve says that the guy jumped off Michelle’s balcony to try to avoid getting caught, and he broke his feet or legs.

Michelle makes it to the rose ceremony and apparently eliminates herself, saying she has no connection with anybody. ABC teases that “one bachelorette interrupts everything to make a surprise announcement that leaves everyone speechless,” and this clearly is related to Kujawa’s self-elimination. However, there is more to this one.

Fans have seen the preview with Michelle slamming the door in host Chris Harrison’s face. It seems this happens because Harrison goes to her hotel after the elimination to confront her about the hook-up with the sound guy. This should make for crazy, yet entertaining, moments on the first episode depending on how much is shown.

As for other eliminations in the first episode, one other lady will be left without a rose. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Graham Bunn gives AshLee Frazier his rose, while Marquel Martin gies his to Michelle Money. Dylan Petitt gives his rose to Elise Mosca, while Robert gives his to Clare. Marcus Grodd presents his rose to Lacy, which means that Ben Scott is the last guy with a rose. He has to choose between Sarah Herron and Daniella McBride, and he gives his rose to Sarah, meaning Daniella is out.

What about those Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from the big season preview showing someone in handcuffs and remarks about blood and a dire situation? It isn’t clear just when that footage will show up in the season, but Reality Steve’s spoilers have said that things are not at all what they seem in that clip. It is clear that the editors had a bit of fun piecing that one together, and the real events will play out much differently.

From the looks of things, this show will be a wild ride filled with drama, romance, tears and perhaps even some true love. It all begins on Monday, Aug. 4 when Bachelor in Paradise premieres on ABC.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]