‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Dislikes His Role On The Show

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has given birth to her second son, Kaiser, at the end of June. She was quick to get pregnant with her new boyfriend Nathan Griffith, even though she was still legally married to Courtland Rogers. In fact, based on the show, it seemed like there were mere weeks between her abortion with Courtland’s child and her new pregnancy with Griffith’s child.

While many of her former boyfriends have gained massive attention and Twitter fans from filming Teen Mom, her current man isn’t too pleased with being in the spotlight. It is definitely possible that he would prefer being without the MTV cameras.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans‘ boyfriend is now revealing that he isn’t too happy about filming a reality show. It is possible that he does make a little bit of money from filming the show, but the amount isn’t big enough to make him love it. Evans, however, continues to film each season.

“I highly dislike reality tv and the twitter drama that comes with the #lowlives,” Nathan revealed on Twitter after getting feedback from fans. The new season of Teen Mom has just begun and in the second episode, Jenelle Evans and Nathan were arguing while he was drunk.

Many thought that he had been out of line with her because he was drunk and she was pregnant. Surprisingly, Jenelle managed to keep her cool during the fight, but Nathan wasn’t pleased with Jenelle’s supporters’ opinions of him. This could be what he was referring to in his message.

Some could argue that he knew what he was getting into when they started dating. He may not have watched Teen Mom before meeting Jenelle Evans, but Jenelle must have told him about the show and her MTV success before the cameras arrived at the door. Remember, they met on a dating app.

As long as Nathan is with Jenelle Evans, he will have to get used to being in the public eye. She recently shared a half-naked picture of him on her Instagram account as he was sleeping in his bed, as discussed by Hollywood Life. He may not be pleased with this invasion of privacy. In addition, according to The Inquisitr, Jenelle has been sharing pictures of their new son on her social media profiles.

Jenelle has been making money by blogging about her co-stars and sharing stories on Twitter. If she was to stop sharing details about her private life, it is possible that her income would suffer. In other words, she will probably continue sharing pictures of Nathan and her new son, Kaiser.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend hating his reality television career?

[Image via Innoma News]