Niall Horan’s Young Nephew Theo Get’s His Own Fan Site And Is Overnight Sensation

Niall Horan‘s little nephew Theo Horan is only a one year old, but he is already internet famous.

The Independent reports that little Theo Horan now has a new website where fans can grab limited edition coins and soon Theo will be the subject of a fanzine.

According to the description found on the site, Theo’s parents, Denise and Greg Horan, discuss the purpose for establishing the site:

We just can’t believe how amazing our fans are. You are there for us all the time. When there are low points you are there to lift us back up. You love us all as a family and words can’t explain how that makes us feel. You love Theo and uncle Niall so much and we know that Theo will grow up loving you back.

All this came about after Naill posted a picture of himself with his little nephew Theo last year:

Denise and Greg are so proud of you all and the genuine messages you send us and our little treasure Theo. Since that day in July 2013 when Niall put the first picture of himself and Theo on Twitter, we have been overwhelmed with kindness. It has changed our lives and it would be unfair of us if we neglected you, the fans.

According to the Irish Mirror, Theo’s Twitter page already has many followers; over 300,000 followers to be exact. One Direction fans can also look forward to a newsletter courtesy of Theo that will feature 1D news that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.

Niall Horan with nephew Theo

The 20 carat gold coins featuring baby Theo on the face will sell for a reported $37.00 USD or €22 and will come packaged in a “beautifully designed box” according to the product description. Everyone who buys one of these collectors coins is also guaranteed a follow from the official baby Theo Twitter account as well.

Theo’s parents have also promised that some lucky fans will be chosen to receive their commemorative coins specially delivered in person by members of the Horan family:

If you are one of those people, you will be notified beforehand so all your friends can be with you when the “Horans” arrive to your house. The more people in your area that gets the coin the better chance of somebody in your area being picked.

Rumors are also swirling that Denise, Greg, and baby Theo are currently in talks to produce a reality show. Stay tuned to Inquisitr for more details as they come available.

[Photo credit: Reveal UK/Instagram]