Woman In Black Wanders The United States For Reasons Unknown

Social media has a penchant for latching on to the world from unique and inspiring perspectives. Sometimes the attention is portrayed in the message of memes and sometimes pages are created as an inspiration to the unique individuals that walk upon the Earth. In the case of the mysterious Woman in Black, the messages have been mixed, but mostly positive overall.

The mysterious Woman in Black is 56 year old Elizabeth poles, from Motts, Alabama. She is a United States Army veteran, a mother of two, and a widow. No one quite knows why she decided to start walking the United States, or if there is a destination in mind, but much like Forrest Gump, she has many followers on her journey. Although the followers are not literally walking behind her, social media has latched on to her journey and the internet is a buzz with sightings of the Woman in Black.

Facebook User LenandMelissa Ward wrote:

"My daughters saw this lady last night at our Walmart here in Chillicothe, Ohio. My daughters, being teenagers were a little "freaked out" but as they walked into the door she was sitting beside, my daughter said the woman had a sparkle/glow around her. I asked if maybe she had shiny things sewn on her clothes and my daughter said no. My daughter also reported a very peaceful feeling as she walked past this lady. Whatever this lady's mission, she had an effect on my girls last night. My daughter asked if she would like for her to go get some food for her, but the lady didn't answer. My hope and prayer is that this lady stays safe, fed and rested wherever her travels lead her."
Reportedly, the Woman in Black began her journey in Ranger, Georgia on July 18th and has recently been spotted in Athens, Ohio. Her brother, Raymond Poles, has stated that Elizabeth spent some time in a veteran's hospital prior to beginning her journey. Her mental state was rather stable until she began to rant incoherently and eventually shaved her head before vanishing.

"She got to where she started walking from the (hospital) about a mile away.She then started just popping up at my house and then one night she came over and just started cursing."

The Woman in Black tends to keep largely to herself along her journey, but she is not without controversy. In Sullivan County, Tennessee she was approached by the police. Upon questioning, she revealed, falsely, that she is from an Islamic nation and worked at the Pentagon. Although the information that she provided is false, it provides a glimpse into her thoughts as she travels.

Her reasoning behind the journey is unknown, but many are reaching out to her as they meet up and offer her food and drink. Her words may be few, but her message is vast.

Photo Courtesy: WLWT