Disgraced Brit Josie Cunningham Hits New Low: NHS Boob Job ‘Model’ Sells Ringside Tickets To Her Baby’s Birth

Just when you thought the vacuous and narcissistic fame obsessed culture in which we live could not get any worse, along comes Josie Cunningham to drag our hopeful hearts even further into the primordial swamp of nihilistic despair.

In case you've never heard of Josie before, she's the Brit with the big bust and even bigger sense of entitlement.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the 24-year-old mum of two who enjoyed the benefit of taxpayer-funded breast-enlargement also gets publicly subsidized taxi rides.

Why? Because Josie can't ride around her hometown of Leeds as her 'controversial boobs' have sparked such hatred against her.

Unfortunately for Cunningham, whose bust increased from a 32A to a 36DD courtesy of £4,800 worth of breast enhancement surgery, Leeds City Council decided to discontinue her £6,000-a-year- taxi service.

Yet, Cunningham wasn't about to lay down without a fight and took to Twitter to snarl:

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but taxpayers will always fund me. If the council thinks I'm getting a bus, they can think again."
It now turns out that a cash-strapped Josie has now hit upon an ingenious, if somewhat unsavory get-rich scheme.

The Daily Mail reports that Cunningham is hoping to make £40,000 from the birth of her third child by allowing four fans to witness the event.

Initially, Josie planned to abort the child who is due to be born in October so she could appear on Big Brother.

Cunningham then hit upon the idea of cashing in on the birth by selling DVDs of the event through a chain of budget value shops. Sadly, the deal fell through.

The glamour model then hit a new low by announcing to her 27,000 Twitter followers that she would be selling four exclusive tickets to the home birth, priced at £10,000 each.

Disturbingly, all four tickets were snapped up within 14 minutes. Three were purchased by journalists, and the fourth is thought to have been bought by a "super-fan" - whatever the hell that means.1406633987569_wps_3_josie_cunningham_PNGThe reaction to Josie's latest publicity stunt on social media has been almost universally negative.

One twitter user lamented that the British public were responsible for this modern-day 'Frankenstein' as they have made Josie Cunningham a "viable commodity."1406642401747_wps_1_jc_abuse_4_PNG

Josie herself has suggested that some of the cash from the 'event' could be used to reimburse the tax-payer for the cost of her breast enhancement surgery.

Don't hold your breath though.