Prince Harry's Photobomb: Hilarious Harry Photobombs Commonwealth Games Officials

Prince Harry's photobomb is making news around the globe today. According to The New York Daily News, Prince Harry was sitting a couple of rows behind New Zealand Commonwealth Games officials when someone snapped a photo of them... and Harry realized that he was in the shot. Instead of ducking out of the way or ignoring the photo altogether, Harry decided to strike a pose and photobomb the three guys posing for the pic. Harry gave two thumbs up and rocked an open-mouth smile for the epic photo.

Sport Manawatu chief executive Trevor Shailer made the shot his profile photo on Facebook, adding a very appropriate caption.

"Photo of the day.... A Royal photo bomb by Prince Harry with Titch (Sir Gordon) and Gary Hermansson at the Swimming venue tonight. Thanks to Bev Hari for taking the pic... fun times supporting our athletes at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games!"
Prince Harry's photobomb comes just days after his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, did her own bit of photobombing. According to Mail Online, Harry might have gotten the idea from his granny, who photobombed Hockeyroo players Jayde Taylor and teammate Brooke Peris. Those photos were also pretty funny.
"Harry's move comes after Queen Elizabeth inadvertently photobombed a selfie between Hockeyroo players Jayde Taylor and teammate Brooke Peris on Thursday. They took the picture, which showed the Queen peering into the photo in the background, before their opening match of the Commonwealth Games against Malaysia, at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre."
Prince Harry's photobomb didn't involve his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, or his brother, Prince William, who were both sitting to Harry's left at the Tollcross Swimming Centre. The young royals were watching the 800m women's freestyle in Glasgow when Harry sort of slipped far right for the photo-op. The three often spend time together and really seem to get along well.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kate Middleton also made a splash at the Commonwealth Games this week. The Duchess of Cambridge had many funny faces that showed her stress and anxiety over who would score next. It's quite clear that Duchess Catherine is into sports just as much (if not more) than her husband! The nice thing is that Kate likes to have fun, and her personality seems very familiar. Prince William and Prince Harry's mother, Princess Diana, also loved to have fun, and it is nice to see Kate sort of fitting into a similar role.

[Photo courtesy of Trevor Shailer/Facebook]