Jennifer Aniston Beach Wedding: How Much Would It Cost The Couple?

Jennifer Aniston's beach wedding has kept Hollywood's leading gossipers busy for the past few weeks. According to a recent report by the Inquisitr, Aniston's planner, Kevin Lee, revealed that the ceremony will be held at a beach outside the country.

Obviously, Jennifer and Justin are trying to evade Hollywood's watchful eye, but when has that ever stopped the star's most persistent followers? Fans and gossip sites alike cannot contain their excitement for Aniston's wedding, which is predicted to be one of the biggest showbiz events of the year.

But some juicier details regarding the Friends alum's second wedding continue to evade us. One question that has kept Jennifer's fans awake is the guest list. The actress would probably have most of her old Friends buddies over, with the exception of David Schwimmer. Due to a bitter spat a few years ago, there is a chance Aniston won't be seeing her old TV boyfie at the ceremony. Because it is unclear if the two have already made amends, fans are advised not to expect a Ross-Rachel reunion at the wedding.

Another question that has intrigued people is the cost of the ceremony. Jennifer and Brad's Malibu wedding 14 years ago reportedly costed them a whopping $1 million, according to Radar Online. Obviously, a beachside union outside the U.S. would cost insane amounts of money, but people aren't certain if it will cost as much as Jennifer Aniston's first wedding.

There is also the possibility that Aniston's second ceremony would exceed the one she had with Pitt. Kevin, who also arranged Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's union in 2000, is back to help Jennifer and Justin out on their big day. There is a chance the planner would push for a more extravagant wedding at an attempt to topple Jennifer's first one.

Nevertheless, a wedding ceremony costing more or less a million bucks could hardly compare to the most expensive Hollywood unions ever held. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent twice that amount, and so did Christina Aguillera and Jordan Bratman. Liza Minelli and David Gest poured in $3.5 million. Prince William and Kate Middleton spent a mind-numbing amount of $34 million!

Regardless of the exact amount they might or might not spend, Jennifer Aniston would still be the most awaited bride this year. A lot of Aniston's fans have been very supportive of her love life ever since she split with the World War Z star. Many are hopeful that Theroux would truly be the "lobster" (props if you got the reference) for Jennifer Aniston.

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