Jennifer Aniston’s Beach Wedding: Is David Schwimmer Invited?

Jennifer Aniston has decided to go for the beach motif! Aniston’s wedding planner Kevin Lee spilled that the Friends alum will be tying the knot with Justin Theroux at a beach outside the country. According to a report by Hello Magazine, Jennifer has decided to take her special event to a seaside far away from Hollywood, in a “beach meets California modern chic” type of ceremony.

Kevin, who also arranged Aniston’s ceremony with Brad Pitt in 2000, revealed that the event will be done outside the U.S. He confirmed that Jennifer’s wedding would be held in a fun, “ideal location”:

“Beach weddings are a lot of fun because there are ton of beautiful venues and ocean views. It is the ideal location. There is definitely a trend in summer wedding right now. This year we are doing with more a vintage style. It is more grey, comfortable and earthy tones with the flowers,”

As it appears, Jennifer Aniston would be having her old Friends at the wedding. Recently, fans of the old sitcom went crazy after it was revealed that fourth-sixths of the Friends cast had an unofficial reunion at a restaurant in L.A. Jennifer, Courtney, and Lisa were spotted having dinner at an upscale Los Angeles resto and even got Matt LeBlanc to FaceTime with them during their meet-up. In a separate event last week, on-screen, off-screen buddies LeBlanc and Matthew Perry talked and hugged it out at a Showtime event.

So where’s David Schwimmer?

Although most of the former co-stars remained pals 10 years after their sitcom’s finale aired, Jennifer Aniston and David appear to have permanently drifted from each other ever since their bitter spat four years ago. David is reportedly mad at Jennifer for humiliating him on live TV a few years ago, according to the Daily Mail. This was after she admitted that she didn’t know who David’s fiance was.

Because it’s still unclear if the two on-screen love birds are still “friends” with each other four years after the unfortunate event, none of us can truly be sure if Schwimmer will make an appearance at Jennifer Aniston’s wedding. This can be truly saddening for most Friends fans who have grown to love the Ross-Rachel pair.

One thing is for sure: the wedding is definitely on! Despite rumors that Lord of the Rings alum Liv Tyler is making her presence known again to the actor, Jennifer and Justin remain happily engaged.

In other news, Aniston is also busy promoting the upcoming sequel to Horrible Bosses, which is set to open in theaters November 26. Jennifer Aniston reprises her role as Dr. Julia Harris, the sexually charged dentist and boss to Dale Arbus.

[Image from Warner Brothers]