Woman Suggests All Wives Act Like It’s The 1950s, Claims It Saved Her Marriage [Video]

One couple has decided to live a retro lifestyle by playing the parts of a husband and wife from the 1950s, and they suggest all husbands and wives take their lead. The couple spends their free time Lindy Hop dancing and finding retro memorabilia at vintage fairs, according to the Daily Mail. Mandy says all wives who feel “stuck in a rut” like she did should also simply pretend like it’s the 1950s again. She claims it saved her marriage. Mandy says that adopting the 1950s way of life can keep women’s husbands happy.

Mandy is 49-years-old and her husband, Gary is 48. When Gary comes home from work each evening, Mandy, like wives in the 1950s, has dinner waiting for him on the retro-style diner table in their 1950s inspired kitchen. During the day, she cooks and cleans. Mandy says, “We should all take advice from our grandparents and start living the Fifties way.”

Thirty years ago, they bonded over 1950s’ fashion and rockabilly. About five years ago, after their marriage had grown stale, the couple decided to adopt an entirely new way of life. It suits the couple, but they feel that all husbands and wives might be better off if they did the same, according to the Daily Mail report. Mandy said, “It may seem strange and we get the odd nasty comment, but this way of life works for us and has saved our marriage.”

Stir writer Adriana Vales disagrees that all wives should try to save their marriages by taking Mandy’s advice, “She’ll have to forgive my skepticism, but that’s not what my divorced-in-the-1950s grandmother says.” Vales suggested that perhaps what Mandy and Gary actually meant to imply is that husbands and wives should find a common interest, treat each other with respect and try to escape the demands of modern life that stress marriages.

Inquisitr wants to know what you think. Do you think if all wives acted like wives from the 1950s, marriages would be happier?

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