Cyclist Bartosz Huzarski Accused Of Doping; Leg Selfie Decried As ‘Unhealthy’ ‘Freaky’

When cyclist Bartosz Huzarski posted a photo of his legs of Facebook earlier this week, he says he never expected the reaction would be so extreme, and so negative. While the appearance of Huzarski’s legs after the 18th stage of the Tour de France was no doubt shocking and surprising to many, for Bartosz, the surprising part was being accused of doping, and having his legs referred to as ‘unhealthy,’ ‘freaky,’ and ‘unnatural.’

Bartosz Huzarski leg selfie shocks

The Herald Sun says that the photo was taken after the 18th stage of the Tour de France, when Bartosz had cycled 145.5 kilometers, or a bit over 90 miles. While the hard, long ride explains the condition of Huzarski’s legs, the raised, swollen veins still might not be expected by someone who had never seen such an image before.

The result was that people responded rather negatively. Some called Huzarsi’s legs freakish, unnatural, or unhealthy, and according to Metro, it has resulted in some accusing him of doping, since they imagine that such inflamed and swollen veins must come from drug use.

Bartosz responded on Facebook to the accusations and insults, saying that he never imagined so much controversy in response to his legs. While they may be shocking to others, he says that he sees them this way often, particularly after a particularly long workout in hot weather.

Huzarski went on to say that his legs may not look ‘like a Victoria’s Secret model, Ms. Mary from a nearby vegetable shop, or [an office worker]’ but that for an athlete such as himself, it’s not an odd sight.

Explaining his devotion to his sport and how it contributes to the state of his legs, Huzarski says (translated by Bing):

On the other hand I’ll say this:
1) Professional approach to what we do
2) Sacrifice, regular diet
3) Body building
4) The minimum fat
5) Since 12 years I’m doing a year 35 000 km on the bike
6) Knowledge of your body, because such a picture can be done only in certain circumstances.

Huzarski has also assured those asking that he has taken no drugs, and is healthy and in good condition. Still people continue to be astounded, and to share the image of the cyclist’s legs, some impressed, but many with more negative comments.

The 101st Tour de France wrapped up today, so while the world continues to gasp in awe at Bartosz Huzarski and his legs, he will surely be taking a much needed rest.

[Photo:”Bartosz Huzarski“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.]