‘GTA V’ Online DLC: What’s Coming And What’s Not

GTA V‘s release for PS4 and Xbox One is getting nearer. It appears GTA V for the next generation is going to be hitting store shelves this November and that version of the game has clearly been the focus of Rockstar the last couple of months.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t content coming for GTA V Online, though it isn’t coming as fast as some would like. The wait for new GTA V content has apparently even started rumors of content that doesn’t actually exist, according to those in the know.

One piece of GTA V content that sounds like it might have been pretty cool, but doesn’t appear to be real, is the “Veterans Update.” Epoch Times is reporting that a screenshot for this new GTA V DLC has been floating around the web which had the caption, “Show your inner military personality and express yourself in new ways with the Veteran Update coming this July.”


This GTA V content was also supposed to bring new weapons and vehicles with which you could wreak havoc. With the end of the July nearly here and the DLC already being debunked by prominent bloggers who have been the source of plenty of GTA V scoops themselves, the Veteran Update appears to have been someone trolling the Internet.

GTA V update 1.16 which had been confirmed by Rockstar, though when exactly this particular Grand Theft Auto content is coming isn’t yet known. There was talk that the GTA V heists would be dropping this week, but they didn’t make an appearance.

Rockstar also recently featured what has been dubbed “throwback jobs.” These GTA V jobs are actually some of the favorites from previous versions of the series such as GTA IV and GTA III.

Rockstar has said that GTA V online heists are coming, but they aren’t talking a ton about the specifics much. DomIsLive, the same blogger who was the first to call out the Veterans Update as false, has managed to shed some light on the GTA V online heists, saying he’s found the minimum and maximum payouts for this DLC.

The YouTuber says that the minimum payouts for a GTA V heist will be $100,000 and the maximum for these GTA V jobs will be $1.5 million. That money is split among teams of four GTA V gangsters so each player will see around $375,000 if they pull off a successful heist.

What these heists might include won’t be known until they go live for GTA V Online.