‘Once Upon A Time’ At Comic-Con – Ginnifer Goodwin’s Surprise Skype Visit, Sneak Peaks, and Season 4 Trailer [videos]

While much of the cast of Once Upon a Time was in San Diego meeting and entertaining fans at Comic-Con, Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow/Mary Margaret) sadly had to be in Vancouver working on set.

During the panel discussion in Ballroom 20, Ginnifer delighted fans with a surprise Skype visit, reports Hollywood Life, assuring them that she is definitely back and raring to go. Goodwin recently gave birth to baby Oliver on May 29, as The Inquisitr recently reported. While Ginnifer’s husband Josh Dallas (Charming/David) tells Once Upon a Time fans, “Fatherhood is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me,” Ginnifer talks about her little surprise ending to last season.

According to new daddy Dallas, “Oliver is probably my soulmate for sure.” Ginnifer is in love with their little bundle of joy, who could be seen on the Once Upon a Time set with her in his stroller. Meanwhile, a cast member tells her that they’ve rewritten the whole scene, and she has to learn all new lines. In her bubbly, smiley way, Goodwin gushes, “That’s fine!” She seeks to reassure her followers that she has not suffered any ill effects from post-partum depression. But watch what happens when Michael Socha (Will Scarlett/Knave of Hearts) shows up to tell her that they’ve run out of cheese puffs!


Oncers were treated to some inside scoops on Season 4 of Once Upon a Time, including a sneak peak at a short clip of Frozen sisters Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Anna (Elizabeth Lail), whose story picks up where Disney ended.

Obviously, since Michael Socha was in on the Skype clip with Ginnifer Goodman, the Knave from Once Upon a Time In Wonderland has found his way to Storybrook, but just how and in what capacity remains a mystery.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Regina (Lana Parrilla) will pay a visit to an old friend, the Mirror (Giancarlo Esposito), after her unwitting betrayal by Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison). In typical Once Upon a Time fashion, Regina will fight an intense internal battle within herself. She shows signs of reverting to her old ways when she tells the Mirror, “There’s somebody standing in the way of happiness. I need your help getting rid of them.”

The relationship between Henry (Jared Gilmore) and his grandfather Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlilse) will deepen as Gold finally begins to embrace Henry. Collider reports that Henry will begin to work alongside him in the shop as they spend quality time together.

Once Upon A Time Romance

Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) will, at last, get to exchange his period garb for costumes that place him in this century. He finally can escape his Once Upon a Time in Neverland pirate gear. This is good, says Colin, because the jacket alone weighs 50 pounds.

Now that Neal/Baelfire (Michael Raymond James) is out of the picture, Hook will find more liberty to pursue Emma. However, Neal won’t be entirely out of the picture. No, he won’t cheat death this time, according to creators and showrunners Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. However, as Kitsis says, “Neal will always live in flashbacks and in our heart.” Horowitz adds, “Death may be a terrible thing, but it doesn’t mean that’s the last you’ll see of someone.”

Comic-Con fans got to be the first to see a brand-new trailer for Once Upon A Time, Season 4, which is really a compilation of exciting highlights from previous season, all put together as a teaser for a much-anticipated season 4, culminating in a brief foreshadow of what is next:

“Awake. Arise. Or Be Forever Frozen.”

[images via Time and ScreenWeek]