Megan Fox Convinced She Can Find Bigfoot And Insists She Blends Into A Crowd

Megan Fox normally does not stir up images of legendary creatures, but the topic has recently been attached to her through an interview with People.

Bigfoot’s real,” Megan Fox told People. “And I have confidence in myself that if I were ever to be taken out on an expedition… I would be the one to find Bigfoot.”

While she could have been waiting by the phone on an invitation from the Finding Bigfoot crew, Megan Fox chose to accompany her husband, Brian Austin Green, to the Comic-Con convention.

“I’ve walked the floor,” Megan admitted at a press conference for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “I came once when my husband was here for ‘Sarah Connor.’ I wasn’t promoting anything. I came in a ‘Star Wars’ t-shirt, and I walked around and nobody bothered me one time.”

Megan Fox may be known as a beautiful bombshell by many people today, but she insists that she is a “nerd” and described herself as a “loner” or an “outcast” without many friends in high school, according to USA Today.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox described herself as a "loner" or an "outcast" in high school.

The mother of two says that she is much more interested in raising her young sons than making more movies, but she has to do what she can to ensure that they have bright futures.

“It’s so hard to be a working mom especially when your heart is not in your work, when your heart is with your family,” Megan said in an interview with Parents Magazine. “I have to make one movie a year because I have to invest in their future and I have to be able to pay their way through college and be able to provide for them.”

While it may be hard for many people to believe that Megan Fox could ever go unnoticed in a crowd, many mothers can relate to Fox’s feelings about motherhood and how hard it can be to raise two children.

“As a mom it’s hard because I don’t feel like I’m ever giving either one of them 100 percent of my attention or 100 percent of myself, so I carry a lot of guilt. Do they each understand how special they are and how much I love them? And are they understanding that they’re unique? It’s hard to make each one feel like an individual when you have to raise them together and manage them together all of the time,” Fox admitted to Parents Magazine.

While her fans wait for her to find Bigfoot, try to spot her at the next Comic-Con, or wait for her next movie, Megan Fox will obviously be content spending precious time with her family.

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