Brad Pitt’s Psychic Causing Rift In Marriage, Angelina Jolie Insists He Must Fire Advisor


It’s been alleged that Brad Pitt’s psychic is causing a huge rift in his marriage to Angelina Jolie.

Jolie is believed to despise the psychic, who is named Ron Bard, and she’s explained to Pitt that he has too much of an influence over his life. A new report has even suggested that Bard provides financial advice to Pitt, which has led Jolie to react furiously.

According to the National Enquirer’s source Jolie has now had to have a strong word with the actor about Bard’s impact. The insider declared, “It seems like she likes to have some control over Brad’s purse strings, and she doesn’t want a psychic giving ‘financial advice’ to him.’ Ron doesn’t use any astrological charts for Brad (a Sagittarius) and he thinks Angelina is a b**** for how she dismisses his work.”

It’s also been noted that Bard offered to give the actress her own readings, but she instantly laughed off the proposition in a disrespectful manner.

The 50-year-old father-of-six has employed Bard’s services for ten years now, and in the past he has even taken professional, spiritual and romantic advice from the Los Angeles guru. It’s almost surprising to hear how much of a say he’s had in Brad’s life.

“Ron advise Brad to get divorced from Jennifer Aniston,” the source continued. “He was very blunt about it, and Brad really listens to Ron.”

Pitt and Jolie’s supposed nuptials have been on the cards for several years now, but over the last few months there have been various stories that have suggested all is not well with their marriage. At the start of the month Pitt was said to be humiliated after a video of her inside a “drug den” in the late 1990s emerged.

Another insider for the National Enquirer then declared that this would be the “final humiliation for Brad” before they remarked that “he could even call off their wedding” over the scandal.

However, despite these issues, Jolie is still expected to direct her husband in By The Sea, a film that she wrote the script for and will star in herself. This will be the first time that the duo have starred alongside each other since 2005’s Mr. And Mrs. Smith, which is where they originally met and fell in love.

Jolie said of the film in a statement:

“I am very happy to continue my relationship with Donna (Langley) and the entire Universal team as I finish Unbroken and begin work on By The Sea. They have created a very special place for storytellers, and I look forward to the continued passion and support they have provided to me as a filmmaker.”

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