Keith Olbermann Has Angry Words For The NFL And Women [VIDEO]

Keith Olbermann has never been one to shy away from controversy. The day after the NFL suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games after he was caught on camera, via a report on TMZ, at a New Jersey casino battering his then girlfriend, now wife, Olbermann went on a tirade, berating the NFL for how it views 50 percent of its fans: women.

Olbermann’s voice raised a few octaves in rage when he spoke about the punishment, comparing Rice’s two games to Albert Haynesworth’s five game ban after he stomped on a Dallas Cowboy player during a game, which resulted in the Cowboy player receiving 30 stitches.

Olbermann opened the piece talking about several recent issues of the degradation of women athletes and reporters in the sports world, but calls the NFL’s handling of Ray Rice the worst. Olbermann highlighted the sale of a pink, women’s Ray Rice jersey currently for sale on the, speaking out on the hypocrisy of the league in how it views its women fans.

Olberman ends the segment by attacking the NFL Network, who reported that the NFL “brought the iron fist down” on Rice with the two game suspension. As Olbermann says in his piece:

“The iron fist has just been used: against Ray Rice’s wife and against the women of America.”

Keith Olbermann himself was suspended for two shows in 2010, as reported in The Inquisitr, after it came to light that he made campaign contributions while serving as a journalist covering politics, an ethical no-no.

Wednesday’s news of the suspension angered many people, and Olbermann has put himself at the forefront by berating the NFL for its lenient penalty and for the league’s blatant disregard for its women fans.

Keith Olbermann hosts Olbermann nightly on ESPN 2.

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