OC Porcelain Dolls Are Real Life Creepypasta, Parents Terrified

In what is probably the creepiest story we’ve heard all week, a whole bunch of families in a California town found porcelain dolls that looked eerily like their daughters… and of course, the internet’s imagination went crazy.

The porcelain dolls, even more scarily, were left anonymously on porches and stoops, so just imagine for a minute coming home and discovering a random doll of your kid on the steps and not being in a horror movie or creepypasta. It’s like you can’t.

The families involved in the porcelain dolls investigation all live in Orange County, California, in the same community. Yesterday, police in Orange County tweeted about the brewing almost-definitely-a-serial-killer case, noting that “families in each of the homes where porcelain dolls were left voiced concern that the dolls resembled their daughters” in a news release.

Cops always tend to downplay unproven threats, so the porcelain dolls thing was even more unsettling considering Lt. Jeff Hallock admitted that the anonymous gifting of the likenesses in such a manner, with no notes or attribution and done stealthily, was “creepy or very unusual.”

Lt. Hallock initially said of the investigation:

“Is it a prank? Is there some specific motivation? Obviously, there’s an indication by some the parents that the dolls resemble their daughters. We’re talking about children here… Anything that has the potential to involve children causes us some concern.”

As the mystery of porcelain dolls deepened, community members got a bit worried, and one mom said of the incidents:

“You don’t hear or see anything like that… Only in the movies. … We’re in a bubble here in south Orange County.”

Of course, the internet completely latched on to this story, complete with images of the scary, lifeless, open-mouthed dolls dressed in old-fashioned nightgowns provided by police, because it was such a freaky thing.

And unlike lots of mysterious tales, this one resolved almost instantly.

Cops in Orange County talked to parents about the dolls and their daughters, soon learning all attended the same church. And lo, the case of the creepy porcelain dolls was cracked wide open.

It was a lady at church. And she was doing it to be nice.

Orange County police confirmed that the porcelain dolls were a “gesture of goodwill,” as noted in some hilarious tweets late last night:

So the porcelain doll mystery was a bit Scooby Doo… and as scary as it was at first, now we feel bad for that poor church lady who didn’t mean to be terrifying at all.

[Image, Sources: Orange County Sheriff]