Baby Alligator Escapes Zoo And Accomplice Was The Tortoise, Gator Still On The Run In Michigan

A baby alligator named Carlos has pulled of the zoo version of the greatest escape with the help of a local tortoise. GarLyn Zoo officials believe they know how the little gator managed to pull off its caper but the animal is still on the loose in Michigan’s upper peninsula.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, gators are not just escapees, they can be the good guys, too. One car thief found himself thwarted by an alligator in Florida. Still, they are known to be a touchy lot. One guy was caught on video trying to move an alligator out of the road, and that went about as you would expect.

GarLyn Zoo is home to about 100 animals, including two adult alligators and little baby Carlos, who has only been with the zoo for a few months. The reason the alligator escaped the zoo was because the 12-inch little guy was being housed in a pond with turtles, which has a fence with one-inch openings. Manager Gary Moore says a large tortoise has a tendency to wear the dirt away from the bottom of the fence when it makes its rounds of its cage. They believe a hole was opened up that was large enough for the baby gator to escape.

Carlos is the first escapee in the 21 years the zoo has been in operation. In fact, Moore did not even notice his gator was missing until a state trooper visited him and told stories of witnesses seeing a young allligator ambling along U.S. 2:

“I’m asking people that if they see a little alligator holding a sign on U.S. 2 that says, ‘Florida or bust’ to call us.”

Unfortunately, while the situation sounds kind of funny, it’s actually quite serious for the baby alligator. Moore does not believe Carlos will survive in the wild past October and are hoping people will help find and recover him. Although the gator is said to pose little threat to humans since he only stands about an inch and half tall, Moore recommends not touching the alligator and they ask people to call GarLyn Zoo at 906-477-1085 or contact the police.