Car Thief Thwarted By Alligator In Florida

An alligator crossing a road in Florida thwarted a man accused of stealing five cars in the state after the criminal crashed into the beast.

22-year-old Calvin Rodriguez was driving a black Honda that had been reported as stolen in Port. St. Lucie, Florida, when the incident occurred. Officers then began to race after Rodriguez and his recently acquired vehicle but he immediately began to speed away from cops.

Rodriguez, who has allegedly stolen almost half a dozen cars, was keeping officers at bay and a police report explained that the car “began driving at a high rate of speed and was lost sight of.” But then Rodriguez was immediately brought to a stop when he crashed the stolen automobile into an alligator. He then careered off the road into a median.

The report explained, “The Honda was later discovered to have crashed into an alligator, causing it to crash into a median. This shows that Calvin was in control of the Honda that struck the alligator and the median.”

Detective Keith Boham, who was involved in the high-speed pursuit, noted, “It’s pretty unimaginable that police officers would be at that point in time looking for these suspects and that an alligator unfortunately just happens to cross the road and assist us in catching these criminals.”

Officers have since explained that Rodriguez, who worked alongside at least two other assailants, sought out cars in parking lots at Sam’s Club, Publix, Winn Dixie and Wal-Mart and used “shaved keys” to gain access to the automobiles. He was then able to start the engines of Acura and Honda vehicles, each of which he had targeted, with these keys.

Despite his impromptu act of heroism, it’s unknown if the alligator involved in the collision has been able to accept his position as an honourable member of the Port. St. Lucie police department. Officers have yet to provide an update to his condition.

It’s believed that Rodriguez immediately confessed to the crimes just after being read his Miranda rights. He even added that he learnt to steal cars because he had grown up “in a tough town in Connecticut.”

Rodriguez has since been charged with five counts of grand theft auto, and he is currently being held in the St. Lucie county jail with a bond of $37,500. However officers admitted that he won’t face animal cruelty charges for maiming the alligator.

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