Rick Ross Opens Up About Meek Mill’s Jail Time

Rick Ross has no intention of delaying Meek Mill’s upcoming album just because the rapper is getting ready to spend some time behind bars.

Ross, who heads up the Maybach Music Group, was preparing to issue Mill’s latest record when the rapper was reportedly sent to jail for violating probation. Instead of waiting for the guy to serve his time, Rick revealed that Dreams Worth More Than Money will hit retail shelves on September 9 as planned.

According to Billboard, Meek Mill was recently found guilty of “violating his probation on a 2009 drug and gun case.” As a result of his behavior, the rapper will spend between three and six months locked away in a jail cell. Although Meek said a previous stint behind bars helped him get his head straight, apparently he’s still a little misguided.

“I went to jail, came home, decided that’s what I didn’t want to do, came home, put my life into music, and made a lot of money,” he told The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

Although Rick Ross probably isn’t too happy that the rapper can’t properly promote his new record, apparently he’s not willing to push back the release date. Ross recently told MTV News that everything is moving along as scheduled. However, it’s unclear if Meek’s jail time will ultimately have any impact on sales.

Rick Ross told the website:

“Every individual signed to MMG is not just an artist, they are my family. And with family you ride, or you die. Yesterday, my brother, Meek Mill ran into some unfortunate legal issues. It happens. However, his team, our team, will continue to execute Meek’s plan as close to schedule as possible.”

He added:

“His album is coming. We ask that the fans and the media continue to support him and his music during this time. He’ll be home soon. ‘Dreams Are Worth More Than Money,’ and family is worth more than Everything. MMG FOR LIFE.”

This isn’t the first time in recent days that Rick Ross dealt with some Meek Mill-oriented drama. When the “Ima Boss” rapper got into a Twitter feud with labelmate Wale, Ross had to assure everyone that their spat was nothing serious. In Rick’s humble opinion, it was akin to fight between brothers.

Ross told Bullett:

“But it’s all love between those two and everybody knows that. That’s why you seen whatever was said, the little brotherly jabs, and then that was it. That’s all you’re going to see. They’re two real dudes, two successful dudes, and we all came from the same place. When I first brought them on the team, we all drove to our first video set together. It was just us three, and I felt we all was at the bottom at the time.”

Are you surprised that Rick Ross is still planning to release Meek Mill’s sophomore album on September 9? Do you think Ross should wait until the guy is out of jail?

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