Vending Machines Designed To Feed Stray Animals? Extremely Clever! (Video)

A vending machine for stray animals has been created in Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey has over 150,000 stray cats and dogs roaming the city. The city is also home to 14 million of the human species, according to Elite Daily. You would think that with this high number of people living in Istanbul, that there would be less animals needing a home. But that is not the case. So these animals are having to fend for themselves for food and water.

At least that was the case until the brilliant Turkish company named Pugedon came along and decided to change that. According to Jezebel, Pugedon created a fabulous vending machine that not only feeds and gives water to the homeless animals, it also doubles as a recycling receptacle. This also assists in keeping the street clear of unwanted litter.

Every time someone puts an empty plastic bottle, for example, into the vending machine, it dispenses food in the bottom for the animals.

Pugedon approached the government about their vending machines, assuring them that the it would not cost the government one cent. It was completely free. Of course, this was something that the government loves — free. Because the government is not involved, this allowed Pugedon to place as many as their vending machines anywhere in the city they chose, mainly in parks and public areas.

Pugedon is able to supply food for each vending machine with the money they receive from recycling the plastic containers, as reported by Elite Daily.

What a great way to help the stray animals and improve the environment at the same time. Kudos to Pugedon’s stray animal vending machines.

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