Gannett Ranked As One of America’s Worst Places to Work

Gannett is one of the worst places you could be working right now, according to an end-of-year report compiled by employee survey site Glassdoor.

The job satisfaction site compiled its user-submitted rankings and reviews from the past year and found Gannett to have an overall rating of 2.6 (out of a possible 5 points). CEO Craig Dubow’s approval rating? A whopping 19 percent. He’s even beating President Bush’s historically low approval score with that number.

Gannett appears to be the only media ownership group that made Glassdoor’s bottom 50 list.

Clicking over to the reviews page for the company provides some interesting user-submitted headlines. To be fair, some of them are neutral or even slightly positive. Some of the ones that stood out the most, however, included:

• “I am sorry for those that are still there” –Executive Assistant in McLean, VA (US)

• “The horribly mismanaged side of the media industry.” –Web Developer in Bridgeport, CT (US)

• “Working for Gannett feels like you’re on the lower class levels of the Titanic.” –Master Control Operator

• “Gannett will erode your soul.” –Marketing in Indianapolis, IN (US)

Gannett, as you may recall, has seen more than its share of layoffs and profit challenges this past year as the company struggles to find its way in the modern media world. CEO Craig Dubow recently cut his next year’s salary from $7,500,000 to $7,300,000 to help. We sarcastically commended his oh-so-generous gesture here, in case you missed it.

You can check out Glassdoor’s full list of the 50 worst companies — which also includes AT&T/AT&T Mobility, Blockbuster, Real, and eBay — here. The site’s top 50 list, which includes Netflix, Adobe, Google, and Best Buy, is here.


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