‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Season 9 Reunion Spoilers: Leaked Details Of Fights, Tears, And Raw Emotions

It’s that time of year for the Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion to round out the latest drama among season 9 cast members. Last week the women and two of their husbands filmed the three-part reunion special with Andy Cohen hosting.

In an exclusive sneak peek obtained by RadarOnline, an insider shares what viewers will see. But that’s not all. An insider who spoke with All Things Real Housewives reveals what the most dramatic moment of the reunion will be.

Radar’s source describes the RHOC taping as “full of emotion,” with Tamra Judge taking the brunt of the heat.

When Heather Dubrow apologizes to Shannon Beador for the harsh way she treated her and things she said, both of them lash out at Tamra. The source tells Radar:

“… Both ladies took their anger out on Tamra, accusing her of stirring up drama and being a disloyal friend who spreads gossip.”

Vicki Gunvalson is enraged with Tara as well at the reunion. She feels betrayed by “continuing her vendetta against then-boyfriend Brooks Ayers.”

Shannon, one of the newest cast members of Real Housewives of Orange County, “really went off on Tamra for trying to make her look like a bad wife and mom,” the insider reveals.

In one of the most recent episodes of season 9, Tamra admitted she betraying Shannon’s trust by letting Heather in on her relationship troubles. Shannon had confided in Tamra about marriage issues she and her husband were having, and that he wanted a divorce. Tamra went on to tell Heather about it and it was game over. Word got around fast.

The source says the only husbands fans will see on the RHOC reunion will be Terry Dubrow and David Beador. They were the only ones invited to the taping.

According to the insider, Terry was adamant that Heather not apologize to Shannon. He didn’t want her to apologize to Shannon because he didn’t feel she had done anything wrong. Shannon’s husband, David, also went off on Tamra for making his wife so upset. It was very sweet in the way David defended Shannon, and he believes that Tamra is very unhappy in her own marriage to Eddie Judge.”

Overall, the producers are said to be “very happy with how the reunion taping went,” the insider shares.

“There was tons of fighting, and tears, which always equates to excellent ratings.”

Vicki leaked a photo of the reunion. The source says “Vicki got in trouble for posting a picture from the set on social media, which she was asked to take down immediately. Bravo wants to promote the reunion, and doesn’t want any images out there yet.”

Lizzie Rovesk isn’t mentioned by Radar’s source, but she is by the insider who spoke with All Things Real Housewives.

This what their source reveals the most dramatic moment of the show will be:

“Lizzie Rovsek was so upset and in tears. She left the set early and refused to take pictures with Andy and the cast. She got into a huge fight with Tamra.”

Real Housewives of Orange County season 9 Reunion, part 1, airs August 25 on Bravo.

[Photo Credit: Bravo via EOnline]