Celebrity Sex Tapes: Rihanna Denies Rumors of J. Cole Romp Video

It's been a few years since her dramatic flameout with Chris Brown- Rihanna is probably due for another sordid scandal.

And according to Hustler, it could be a big one. Larry Flynt's infamous skin mag is known for its boundary-breaching- it was always like Playboy's trashier little sister- and the say they've got Rihanna's alleged sex tape featuring artist J. Cole in their grubby paws. The rag told RadarOnline:

"Hustler are in possession of the Rihanna and J. Cole tape. We have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet."
Rihanna immediately hit back on Twitter, denying the tape's existence and even referencing her boy Jay-Z's diss track Takeover in her rebuttal. Ri tweeted:
"We don't believe U, U need more people...AND of course an actual sextape! #slownewsday"
Sources close to Rihanna seem to indicate that the star is genuinely flummoxed by the claims, telling the gossip site:
"Rihanna is surprised because there is no sex tape."
Since her initial rebuttal, Rihanna has been quiet about the claims- on Twitter at least, where she has more than seven million followers. Roc Nation rapper J. Cole supported Rihanna on her "Lost" tour- and in turn, Ri made an appearance in his video for the track "Can't Get Enough." But until Hustler coughs up the goodies, there's no indication Rihanna and J. Cole appeared in any other video together but the musical one.

Do you believe there is a Rihanna sex tape? Would that hurt her career or help it?