September 21, 2017
Kanye West's Most Outrageous Quote Yet? 'I'm A Blowfish, Not A Shark'

Kanye West is well known, among other things, for his outlandish quotes. Unfortunately, they often don't make him come across as particularly intelligent.

The rapper, who insists on dropping bombs almost every time he's quoted as saying anything by the media, shared a classic one with GQ magazine, where he's featured on the cover for the August edition. This time round, Kanye decided he would compare himself to animals -- sea animals in this case -- to make his point.

(We hope you're ready for this one)

"Yeah. I'm a blowfish. I'm not a shark, I'm a blowfish....People have me pinned as a shark or a predator in some way, and in no way am I that. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone. I want to defend people. I want to help people. But also, there's no fangs. I don't have fangs. I'm a porcupine. I'm a blowfish. Like, I'm a--what's the fish that blows up?"

And then, in a moment of humility, something extremely rare among the rappers of today, Kanye West conceded that he was no longer the biggest name in hip-hop: "Let's be honest -- he (Drake) got last summer. I'd never given it up till last summer."

When asked by GQ's Zach Baron whether he wants to return as the "mack-daddy" of rap, West admitted, "It's a real question for me. Do I want to?" Which probably has something to do with the fact that he is a married man now, and a father to little North West.

Speaking in his own unique way about his personal goals and aspirations for the future, West continued:

"My goal is just to be respected as a man when I walk down the street with my family. I don't care what your job is, you're not gonna talk down to me, you're not gonna try to get a rise out of me. I'm a man first. And in establishing that, some interesting things have happened."

Baron didn't let Kanye West off lightly as he continued to question the rapper, asking him to comment on the 45-minute speech he made at his wedding about himself, which was considered to be very long-winded as well as vain. His response was, well, very "Kanye," and was about as long-winded (and nonsensical) as his wedding speech:

"One of the things that I said at the speech was, anyone that's at this table has had to defend me or Kim or both of us at some point in their life. Ask a boxer: 'In the third round, when he hit you from the side on your ear, how did that specifically feel?' You wouldn't ask a boxer that. Because you know they're there to fight. Meaning now you know I'm here to fight. I'm here to fight for the re-education of what celebrity is. To say, "Yes, we are celebrities, but yes, we're also innovators, we're also inventors, we're also thoughtful."

Wow, did you get that people? No, me neither.

Nevertheless there's no denying that Kanye West is a star in his own right, despite his shortcomings when it comes to public speaking and comments to the press.